High performance material for optical equipment

Advanced optical components such as optical transceivers, switches and components that leverage the efficiency of light to help move high volumes of global network traffic at incredibly fast speeds. Henkel’s material solutions keep these devices reliably connected, protected and thermally controlled for optimized function.


A full suite of non-conductive and conductive adhesives provide strong bonds, electrical interconnection, lens and fiber alignment integrity and secure long-term performance by mitigating thermal and/or mechanical interference.

  • Die attach adhesives
  • Dual cure active alignment adhesives
  • Lens bonding and sealing adhesives
  • Structural and fiber bonding adhesives

Thermal Management Materials

The decreasing dimensions and increasing power densities of high speed, high bandwidth devices result in significant operational heat. Dissipation of the thermal load is central to performance at maximum capacity. Thermal interface materials in pad, liquid, adhesive and gel formulations provide the thermal control and processability capabilities required.

Device Protection

Safeguarding small form factor components and fibers from mechanical and thermal stress extends functional lifetime and preserves reliable operation.

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