About us

Creative Engineering is able to reach into a wide range of products to provide specific solutions that will improve efficiencies, speed processing, help reduce waste and in many cases, save cost. Our focus is not the products we serve, but the full solution package we offer, including the products themselves, the long-term technical service and support, as well as the best methodology for your desired outcome. 


Creative Engineering aims at enriching humans’ lives through innovation and technology. In five-year time, we will become the first company in Vietnam that provides full turnkey solutions, including Machine, Material, Design, Delivery & Service for manufacturers. 


Together we experience the greatness of life. Everything involved technologies that makes life better and fuller, it is our mission and duty to be a contributing partner.


Excellence: Whatever field we choose to enrol in, we make sure to excel at it. From our skilled engineers to compassionate salesman and customer service executives, we constantly strive for the best to bring nothing else but excellence to our partners and customers.

Passion: We are deeply committed to extending Creative Engineering‘s positive impact on the community. We shape the world for the better through innovation, technologies, research, learning and problem solving.

Agility: We are forward-looking, balanced and sustainable in our approach to organisation and resourcing. We are able to adapt quickly and effectively to new pressures and opportunities of the changing world

Our services are classified into 5 divisions: Electronics, Automotive, General Industries, Engineering Automation & Measurement, Printing, Packaging & Graphics

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