actnano: PFAS-Free Solutions for a safer world

actnano’s efforts to bring a more sustainable approach to product design have resulted in the industry’s only fluorine-free, 3D surface protection technology, nanoGUARD. actnano‘s focus to provide effective coating solutions that are both human-safe and environmentally friendly has enabled us to create surface protection technologies without the hidden dangers, such as toxic PFAS (or toxic […]

nanoGUARD new PCBA Protection against Liquids, Condensation, Humidity, Salt and More

Advanced nanoGUARD from actnano is new PCBA protection technology, an innovative alternative to traditional conformal coatings. actnano’s fluorine-free coatings can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs and high-heat generating components, allowing electronics manufacturers to comprehensively safeguard their devices against moisture, humidity, condensation, salt and sweat. Advanced nanoGUARD meets or outperforms numerous, rigorous customer and […]

Laminating adhesive for the flexible packaging industry

Sustainable development is becoming the trend of packaging manufacturers around the world. Henkel have launched adhesive solutions for paper and soft packaging towards sustainable development, reducing waste and emissions, recycling, environmentally friendly give priority to protecting the health and safety of consumers. Flexible laminates in packaging are highly specialized products, combining several film/foil layers with […]

High performance material for optical equipment

Advanced optical components such as optical transceivers, switches and components that leverage the efficiency of light to help move high volumes of global network traffic at incredibly fast speeds. Henkel’s material solutions keep these devices reliably connected, protected and thermally controlled for optimized function. Adhesives A full suite of non-conductive and conductive adhesives provide strong […]

How to check if your Loctite is genuine?

Have you ever questioned whether the Loctite® product you own is genuine? By typing the keyword “Loctite” on the search engine, thousands of product results appear just in an instant with different price range. If you start doubting their authenticities, you are quite right! Henkel China has been proactively working with the Economic Investigation Department […]

Wire Harnessing tapes for Bundling and Protection

We offer an extensive range of wire harnessing tapes for reliable and efficient bundling and protection against noise and abrasion. Secure Bundling – Automotive Wire Harnessing Solutions Wire harness coverings need to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Products for the engine compartment have to be highly resistant to abrasion, for […]

Personal Protection Equipment Tapes

Masks, gloves and protective gear are especilly useful in settings where other social distancing measures are hard to maintain. With our high quality tapes, we support protection equipment producers to ensure personal protection of medical staff and the general public. Our Tape Assortment for Personal Protection & Medical Equipment Producers Large numbers of masks and […]

Mirror-Assembling Tapes for Safe Driving

Our mirror assembly tape solutions offer significant process advantages when compared with traditional liquid-glue solutions and clipping. Optimum Vision – Mirror-Assembling Solutions for Vehicles Compared with clipping, our automotive mirror mounting tape solutions offer a lot of advantages, such as weight reduction, secure component mounting, splintering protection, gap filling, and more design flexibility. Our double-sided […]

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