Laminating adhesive for the flexible packaging industry

Sustainable development is becoming the trend of packaging manufacturers around the world. Henkel have launched adhesive solutions for paper and soft packaging towards sustainable development, reducing waste and emissions, recycling, environmentally friendly give priority to protecting the health and safety of consumers.

Flexible laminates in packaging are highly specialized products, combining several film/foil layers with different characteristics to bring out the desired features for each individual package: flexible packaging for food, medicines, medical supplies, cosmetics, or in textile and technical lamination. We deliver the flexible packaging adhesive and coating solutions to meet your current and future needs.

  • Solventless Lamination Adhesives
  • Excellent machine runability, even for barrier films at high speed
  • Comfortable handling and easy cleaning
  • Optimal ink compatibility
  • Pasteurization and retort applications
  • Maximum level of food safety (incl. cyclic-ester-free adhesives)
  • High operator safety (R40/H351 free)
  • Fast PAA decay
  • Aliphatic room temperature curing
  • High initial tack

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