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CE is able to reach into a wide range of products to provide specific solutions that will improve efficiencies, speed processing, help reduce waste and in many cases, save cost. Everything involved technologies that makes life better and fuller, it is our mission and duty to be a contributing partner.


From our skilled engineers to compassionate salesman and customer service executives, we constantly strive for the best to bring nothing else but excellence to our partners and customers.


Leading our clients and partners with forward-looking, sustainable methodologies to be the pioneers in this fast-growing world. We commit to leading wih courage, vision and integrity

Passion & Teamwork

We are deeply dedicated to extending our positive impact on the community. Together we shape the world for the better through teamwork of innovation, technologies, research and problem solving.


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We Serve

Explore main industries that we serve:

Electronics/Electrical/Home Appliances

Adhesives, Sealant, Conformal coating encapsulations, Thermal interface, Low pressure, Molding hotmelts, Tapes, Silicones, Dispensing and automations for electronics and electronic assembly

Automotive & Transportation

Adhesive, Sealant, FRP, Tapes, Paint finishing equipments, turnkey automation dispensing & spraying equipments

Printing, Packaging & Graphics

Tapes, Specialty labels and Graphics materials to Digital, Flexographic and Rotor gravure printers. We also represent and distribute digital and flexographic printers.

Automation & Measurement

Our engineering team design and fabricate Custom Automation and Robotic Systems for Adhesive, Sealants, Finishing, Conformal coatings as well as Measurement equipments for OEM’s manufacturers.

Waterproofing/ Protective coatings

Adhesive, Sealant, Lubrications, Protective coatings, Dispensing and dosing equipment to general OEM’s and Maintenance Application.

Solution optimization

We not only distribute industrial products with top quality, but also continuously update advanced technology from the world’s leading brands to build the most suitable solution.

Years of establishment


  • Laminating adhesive for the flexible packaging industry

    Laminating adhesive for the flexible packaging industry

    Sustainable development is becoming the trend of packaging manufacturers around the world. Henkel have launched adhesive solutions for paper and soft packaging towards sustainable development, reducing waste and emissions, recycling, environmentally friendly give priority to protecting the health and safety of consumers. Flexible laminates in packaging are highly specialized products, combining several film/foil layers with […]

  • EPIX® Water-based barrier coating for paper packaging

    EPIX® Water-based barrier coating for paper packaging

    Plastic, silicone or wax lamination solutions are used commonly in paper packaging to prevent external influences such as water, grease, moisture, mold, dirt, yellowing… which can no longer meet the requirements and change change in the food packaging industry. In convenience food packaging: wrappers, containers, and bags… the demand for increased functionality is on the […]

  • High performance material for optical equipment

    High performance material for optical equipment

    Advanced optical components such as optical transceivers, switches and components that leverage the efficiency of light to help move high volumes of global network traffic at incredibly fast speeds. Henkel’s material solutions keep these devices reliably connected, protected and thermally controlled for optimized function. Adhesives A full suite of non-conductive and conductive adhesives provide strong […]

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