Technomelt Low Pressure Molding – Essential For PCB Protection

Because of the increasing demands for circuit board protection, Henkel releases the TECHNOMELT’s low pressure molding products. They serve as the encapsulation of sensitive electronic components, even in high-volume manufacturing environments. 

They also deliver:

  • Exceptional electrical insulation
  • Excellent temperature, vibration and solvent resistance for a wide range of applications.
  • Protects electronics from the harshest environmental conditions, including high humidity, long-term UV exposure and extreme thermal cycling.

Circuit Board Protection – TECHNOMELT Product Range

Circuit board protection Technomelt - Creative Engineeirng

Despite containing features specific to particular applications, all TECHNOMELT materials provide the same common benefits, including:

  • Watertight encapsulation
  • Excellent adhesion performance to a variety of substrates
  • Excellent resistance to a variety of environmental stimuli, low viscosity, high dielectric strength and improved flexibility at low temperatures.

Highlight Products

Precise Peelable Mask

Technomelt precise peelable mask - Creative Engineering

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is a new and efficient approach to conventional PCB masking techniques for conformal coating processes.

An alternative to manual taping methods, TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is a hot melt adhesive that can be precisely applied to keep-out areas via automated dispensing systems, reducing process time and labor costs.

The material is compatible with conformal coating chemistries, delivers better control during conformal coating, requires no curing and releases cleanly from various substrate surfaces.

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