Technomelt Low Pressure Molding – Essential For PCB Protection

Because of the increasing demands for circuit board protection, Henkel releases the TECHNOMELT’s low pressure molding products. They serve as the encapsulation of sensitive electronic components, even in high-volume manufacturing environments.  They also deliver: Circuit Board Protection – TECHNOMELT Product Range Despite containing features specific to particular applications, all TECHNOMELT materials provide the same common benefits, […]

Low Pressure Molding – Henkel’s Technomelt Solutions for modern PCBs and Circuit Protection

Henkel’s renowned TECHNOMELT low pressure molding solutions are the benchmark for modern PCB and circuit protection. The simplicity of these products is their advantage: because the entire TECHNOMELT operation takes place at low pressure, cycle time is short and fine or fragile circuitry is not damaged. Henkel’s low pressure molding materials deliver exceptional electrical insulation […]

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