TESA’s Focused Products On Marine Applications

As the leading global manufacturer for adhesive solutions, tesa never ceases to come up with more advanced products for the transportation industry. In terms of marine industry, Creative Engineering focuses on tesa’s tapes with multiple purposes.

Paint Masking – tesa 4338

tesa 4338 masking tape - Creative Engineering

tesa® 4338 is a green colored smooth masking tape for highly demanding paint masking applications, especially in the marine industry where high conformability and clean paint edges are required.

The aging resistant natural rubber adhesive has a good quick stick, provides outdoor usability for up to seven-days, temperature resistance up to 120 °C / 248 F and clean removal.

Precision Masking – tesa 4342 

tesa®Precision Mask 4342 is designed to meet the requirements of modern paint systems and processes in the shipbuilding industry and in the transportation sector in general. The thin, smooth, and conformable backing of the tesa® Precision Mask 4342 is strong enough to pull through several paint layers and leaves a perfectly sharp paint edge.

Even after longer application times or high-temperature baking at 150°C for 30 minutes, tesa® Precision Mask 4342 can be removed without residues. Its acrylic adhesive offers excellent UV resistance and a high tack – the washi tape adheres reliably even to rougher surfaces.

Plastic Attachments – tesa HIP 921xx

Fastening of plastic components/ displays, especially suited for low-energy surfaces. 

Flooring Materials – tesa 4964

tesa 4964 flooring tape - Creative Engineering

tesa offers a complete assortment of double-sided tapes to fix different flooring materials like carpet and PVC to the ground. You can easily get rid of drying time and odor – which is especially convenient during production processes where efficiency is a key factor.

Deco/ Trim/ Profiles – tesa 62935/ ACXmp

Mounting of design elements (mirrors, deco glass, plastic trims profiles) inside the cabin. 

Protecting for Repair – tesa 4848, tesa 4688

Temporary protection of furniture during assembly, repair and maintenance. 

Anti-Slip on Steps – tesa 60950

tesa anti-slip 60950 - Creative Engineering

The application area for tesa® Anti Slip Professional range is everywhere safe footing is required. 

   –  Very good adhesion, suitable for demanding surfaces such as factory floors, industry areas etc. 

   –  The strong and durable adhesive coating secures a high Anti Slip effect of up to 1- 2 years in normal use areas. 

   –  The Anti Slip tapes are hand tearable and no shrinkage occurs after application.

Wire Harnessing – tesa 4163 

For electrical insulation, installing, repairing, splicing, or bundling of cables. 

tesa wire harnessing 4163- Creative Engineering

tesaflex® 4163 is a specially formulated electrical tape with good film flexibility and an acrylic adhesive. 

   –  Due to the UV- and weathering-stable acrylic adhesive, the tape is perfectly suitable for permanent and outdoor applications. 

   –  The soft PVC insulation tape is resistant to solvents and acids and features good electrical insulation and printability. 

    –  tesaflex® 4163 is universally applicable, though it is exceptionally qualified for applications in repairing, masking, and electrical insulation. The PVC-backing makes for high durability strength, and the acrylic adhesive ensures a high adhesion to polar surfaces. 

Creative Engineering is the reliable distributor of tesa’s over 20 years. Contact us now for the best support!

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