Molykote®G-n Metal Assembly Paste/Spray

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Reducing friction and wear on parts during assembly and breaking-in

Special Characteristics

Low coefficient of friction; extreme loads; low speeds.

Physical Form

Gray-black paste or spray of MoS2 and other lubricating solids in mineral oil.


Breaking-in bearings, splines, gears, cams, tracks; lubricating gears, chains, conveyor tracks, threaded connections; lubricating during metal forming, general parts assembly, press-fitting, cold extrusion.

Temperature Range

Solids to 750°F (399°C); base oil from 0 to 250°F (-18 to 121°C).


Not recommended for use in pressure lines or grease guns; reduce torque values by approximately 1/3 when used on threaded connections.

Container Sizes

Spray, cans, tubes, pails, kegs and drums.

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