Tesa Bodyguard 50530 PV7 – Temporary protection tape for freshly painted surfaces

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tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV7 is the best protection solution for freshly painted car bodies. Applied after the painting process, tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV7 provides reliable protection for painted surfaces susceptible to damage.

Due to the good UV-resistance and perfect paint compatibility, tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV7 is the most reliable way to protect cars during the transportation process.

  • Reliable protection
  • Secure adhesion also at lower temperatures
  • Secure adhesion during transport
  • Cost savings as polishing or repair after demasking is eliminated
  • Paint protection during outdoor storage up to 12 months
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Easy disposal – the product is harmless to health and environment and can be disposed to the household or recycling waste

Application Fields

  • Protection of painted surfaces during the assembly, storage and transportation process
Elongation at break 800 %
Type of adhesive EVA
Tensile strength 30 N/cm
Total thickness 79 µm
Backing material polyolefinic film
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