Molykote®3400A Corrosion Protective Coating

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Long-term “dry” lubrication with enhanced corrosion protection

Special Characteristics

Good solvent resistance; meets MIL spec; excellent lubrication and corrosion protection.

Physical Form

Dispersion of solid lubricants and corrosion inhibitors in a thermosetting resin; heat cures to a dark gray, dry film lubricant.


Hinges and linkages; sleeve, plain and self-aligning bearings; tracks, threaded fasteners, splines and geared couplings, engine bellows, locks, switches, controls and servo mechanisms, swivels, gears and drive linkages.

Temperature Range

From -325 to 900°F (-198 to 482°C).

Container Sizes

Cans, pails and drums.

Molykote®3400A Corrosion Protective Coating
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