4 Plate Mounting Solutions for Flexographic Printing

Creative Engineering is a long-term trustworthy distributor of tesa, the world’s top tape company. We offer a comprehensive assortment of plate mounting solutions with foam, film, or cloth backings to fulfill all flexo printing needs.


     1. Self-adhesive Plate Mounting Sleeves: tesa Twinlock


tesa® Twinlock: the reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible sleeve that provides consistency in high quality printing.


The unique concept of tesa® Twinlock is to provide sustainable and re-usable plate mounting solutions for cost efficient and consistent high quality print jobs.

The basis for this technology begins with the selection of a base sleeve or cylinder from the customer’s preferred supplier. We then add a polyurethane (PU) foam layer on to the top of the base sleeve. The PU foam is coated with a unique polymer that has the characteristics to remain permanently tacky. When proper cleaning and handling procedures are observed, there is no limit to how many times tesa® Twinlock can be used.






  • High printing speeds, excellently lasting print quality

  • Maximise process efficiency: lower running cost, reduced carbon footprint


     2. Foam Tape Mounting Plate

tesa Softprint® plate mounting tapes with high-quality foam backings for the highest demands in flexographic printing.


Increasing demands on print quality combined with high levels of process efficiency call for specifically tailored plate mounting tapes.

tesa Softprint® assortment provides distinctive product lines for flexo printers to fulfill any requirement.


     3. Film & Cloth Plate Mounting Tape

tesaprint® plate mounting tapes with film or cloth backings are used whenever a cushion is not required.


tesaprint® assortment offers:

  • Reliable adhesion properties, tailored to the specific requirements of the application

  • Different film and cloth backing materials, ensuring a range of required product thicknesses with stable and easy tape application

  • Optimized release liners, promoting easy application and ideal handling


     5. Cushioning Foams for Corrugated Postprint

tesaprint® cushioning foams for high-quality flexo printing on corrugated board.



  • Reduce time-consuming press adjustments for different plate thicknesses

  • Reduce “washboard effect” and dot gain

  • Avoid board crush even at high line speeds

  • Absorb press vibration


Creative Engineering is the one-stop “station” for manufacturers in the flexographic printing industry in Asia and more. Contact us now for further information!


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