2-Component Epoxy Adhesive Araldite 2013-1 in Transportation and Machinery Manufacturing

Araldite 2013-1 adhesive is a two-component adhesive that dries at room temperature, comes in creamy form with good rigidity and durability. The product is a catalyst with good chemical and environmental resistance. Although made to bond metal surfaces, it can also be used to bond other types of materials such as ceramics, rubber, plastics and most commonly used materials.

Araldite 2013-1 adhesive is the main key product of Huntsman and Creative Engineering in 2019, because of the following features:


   –  A cream-colored metal binder

   –  Suitable for applications that need to stick vertical materials

   –  Good resistance to environmental and chemical impacts

   –  Stick to a wide variety of materials

   –  Potlife time is 90 minutes

   –  Cream form

   –  Non-sagging


   –  Used to manufacture facilities in Transportation industry: train tracks, trains, cars, ships)

   –  Machine Manufacturing

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