Tesa 4917 – Double-sided filmic tape

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tesa® 4917 consists of a transparent double-sided PP-film with a differential adhesive system. The product can easily be cut with the hot wire systems of common bag machine producers.

Main Applications

  • Reopenable closure system for filmic bags
  • Removable emblems or profiles
Technical Data
Backing material PP film
Colour transparent
Total thickness 90 µm
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic
Type of liner PP
Thickness of liner 80 µm
Colour of liner red
Adhesion to
Steel (initial) 8.2 N/cm
Steel (covered side, initial) 4.5 N/cm
ABS (initial) 6.9 N/cm
ABS (covered side, initial) 4.2 N/cm
Aluminium (initial) 7.7 N/cm
Aluminium (covered side, initial) 3.5 N/cm
PC (initial) 9 N/cm
PC (covered side, initial) 4 N/cm
PE (initial) 3.9 N/cm
PE (covered side, initial) 1.6 N/cm
PET (initial) 6.6 N/cm
PET (covered side, initial) 3.1 N/cm
PP (initial) 3.8 N/cm
PP (covered side, initial) 1.9 N/cm
PS (initial) 7.9 N/cm
PS (covered side, initial) 3.8 N/cm
PVC (initial) 6.5 N/cm
PVC (covered side, initial) 4 N/cm
Steel (after 14 days) 11.4 N/cm
Steel (covered side, after 14 days) 4.1 N/cm
ABS (after 14 days) 10.1 N/cm
ABS (covered side, after 14 days) 6 N/cm
Aluminium (after 14 days) 10.2 N/cm
Alu (covered side, after 14 days) 4.7 N/cm
PC (after 14 days) 11 N/cm
PC (covered side, after 14 days) 6.8 N/cm
PE (after 14 days) 4.1 N/cm
PE (covered side, after 14 days) 2.3 N/cm
PET (after 14 days) 9.3 N/cm
PET (covered side, after 14 days) 4.7 N/cm
PP (after 14 days) 6.9 N/cm
PP (covered side, after 14 days) 2.6 N/cm
PS (after 14 days) 10 N/cm
PS (covered side, after 14 days) 5.6 N/cm
PVC (after 14 days) 11 N/cm
PVC (covered side, after 14 days) 7 N/cm

Double-sided filmic tape Tesa 4917

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