tesa 51128 – Palletizing

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Before loose or packaged goods can be transported, they need to be bundled or palletized. To prevent consignments from slipping, moving, and shifting, especially strong tapes are needed with sturdy backings, which allow only minimal elongation while under pressure from mechanical and environmental stress.

In addition, excellent adhesion is required in order to make sure the tape stays in place on a variety of substrates, ranging from cardboard, metal and plastics, to difficult surfaces such as shrink-wraps and protective films.

Thanks to its special adhesive, tesa® 51128 allows carton displays that will later be placed in stores to be secured reliably without damaging the design and printing. Furthermore, barcodes, for example, can be read through this translucent tape.

Features of Palletizing:

  • Securing of pallets with printed or labelled carton boxes
  • Does not damage the surface after its removal
  • Barcode readable due to translucency
tesa 51128 – Palletizing
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