Loctite 790 – solvent remover

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LOCTITE® 790™ is a solvent formulation designed to remove baked-on chemical gaskets, gasket cements and conventional gasket materials from metal surfaces.

LOCTITE® 790™ is a chemical liquid that works to remove pre-cut conventional gasket cements as well as formedin-place chemical gaskets.

LOCTITE® 790™ is supplied in an aerosol which enables spray application on to intricate shapes with maximum penetration. Also, the product will not run off, even on vertical surfaces.


LOCTITE® 790™ is ideal for removing:

  • Baked-on gaskets and gasket cements from any type of metal surface.
  • Chemical formed-in-place gaskets, including RTV silicone and anaerobic materials.
  • Gaskets from aluminum components without scraping or damaging machine surfaces.
  • Gaskets from small to difficult-to-reach components.
  • High temperature engine paints prior to repairing.
  • Built-up carbon deposits from interior engine/combustion surfaces.
  • Baked-on grease and oil deposits (excellent pre-cleaner prior to solvent washing – keeps solvent baths cleaner, longer).
  • Paint and varnish from wood surfaces (excellent for removing surface coating from delicate wood, carved surfaces without scraping or damaging surfaces).

LOCTITE® 790™ provides the following product characteristics:

Technology Solvent cleaner
Chemical Type Methylene Chloride
Appearance Grey to off-white spray
Viscosity Very low
Cure Not applicable
Application Removal of baked-on gaskets / surface cleaning
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