CRC Leak Stop Spray Seal

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CRC Leak Stop Spray Seal is easy to use and provides a waterproof seal to most hard surfaces. Bridging gaps and cracks, it offers a flexible, durable, long lasting solution to leaks. The 360° spray system allows the can to be used at any angle, ideal for hard to reach places.

Once fully cured CRC Leak Stop Spray Seal the longevity of this seal can be improved by coating with any paint finish.

For use on: Gutters, skylights, chimney connections, ventilation pipes, ducts, sheet-metal covers, bitumen, vents, flashings, monolithic and plastered surfaces, downpipes, and general waterproofing of hard surfaces (not recommended for use on fabrics).

Curing Time: Leak Stop will be touch dry in 15-30min, however surface cures over several days, curing to a tough rubber like finish.

Character Elastic
Colour Colourless
Temperature Resistance -25 °C to 100 °C
Chemical Base Synthetic Rubber
Cure By Evaporation
Propellant Hydrocarbon
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