Dowsil EA-3838 Fast Adhesive – RTV silicone adhesive

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A two-part, fast room temperature cure adhesive.


  • Two-component, non-corrosive, neutral, alkoxy cure adhesive/sealant
  • Fast and homogeneous cure in depth and early adhesion development at room temperature
  • Non self-leveling, paste consistency
  • Fast cure allows rapid handling of bonded components
  • Good, durable adhesion on various substrates
  • Excellent weathering and U.V. resistance
  • Excellent temperature stability: -50°C to 180°C


  • Automotive and automotive electronics assembly: Display bonding, general maintenance sealant, bond and seal housings
  • Appliances manufacturing: bonding glass to metal, glass to painted metal or glass to plastic in ovens, refrigerators and small home appliances
  • Industrial: Wind turbine sealant, general industrial sealing, gasketing and bonding applications
  • Aerospace: Cargo door seal, general maintenance sealant, light sealant, edge sealant
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