Dowsil CC-2588 Conformal Coating

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Dow’s DOWSIL CC-2588 Conformal Coating is a tough, abrasion-resistant, silicone-based material that protects printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components against high humidity and corrosion. The coating is virtually odourless and offers low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It cures at room temperature for low energy consumption, supports spraying for high throughputs and enables automated inspection equipment to use ultraviolet light (UV) to identify any voids in the conformal coating.
nThe conformal coating cures without ovens to form a tough, scratch-resistant surface. With a durometer of 76 Shore A, the coating offers good mechanical strength to resist damage. It also provides adhesion without the delamination associated with acrylate conformal coatings and the darkening associated with polyurethane products. At room temperature, the coating has 5 min of tack time to support assembly adjustments before permanent bonding occurs.

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