How to check if your Loctite is genuine?

Have you ever questioned whether the Loctite® product you own is genuine?

By typing the keyword “Loctite” on the search engine, thousands of product results appear just in an instant with different price range. If you start doubting their authenticities, you are quite right! Henkel China has been proactively working with the Economic Investigation Department of the Shanghai Pudong Police to successfully combat illegitimate business and counterfeiting activities. With recycling authentic packaging and re-printing identical labels, the counterfeit products were meant for export to Vietnam and other Asian markets.

Protect consumers with brand-new bottle appearance and anti-counterfeit technology

Henkel’s Loctite brand is a trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions all over the world, including Vietnam market. We are committed to protecting our customers’ rights as well as our brand reputation. Counterfeiting is an illegal and dangerous act that requires constant vigilance. 

Creating a new unique brand identity was one of our actions in priority. The new design features micro-engraving in two textured areas with the Loctite logo imprinted, which gives the bottle a distinguished look. The formulation, performance and order number (IDH) will be maintained, while the new cosmetic updates will not impact the way customers currently apply the product with the equipment. The bottles will be compatible with all the original Loctite hand pumps.

We also exert great efforts to help customers identify genuine products with high-tech solutions such as the distinctive anti-counterfeit QR codes on some of our product packaging. The micro-texture on the QR code is unique for every authentic bottle. Now you can verify your Loctite product anywhere and anytime, just by three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code on the bottle label
  • Step 2: Select “Verify product”
  • Step 3: Re-scan the QR code on the case (avoid blur, glare) or upload a photo of the label with QR code to verify

Then the final question is, where to buy genuine Loctite products? To be 100 percent sure, kindly contact directly our authorized Henkel distributors in Vietnam, or send us an inquiry to link you to the nearest distributors.

Source: Henkel Adhesive Technologies Vietnam

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