Technomelt PA 668 – Low pressure molding

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Low pressure molding

Technomelt® PA 668 is a UV-stabilized white molding material that has been engineered to be aesthetically aligned with consumer and industrial product designs, while offering superior molding and color integrity performance. The UV and thermal stability of TECHNOMELT® PA 668 make it extremely versatile. It is ideal for multiple applications, including indoor and outdoor LED lighting, household consumer products and industrial sensors. Resistant to UV light, as well as temperature-resistant in-process and in-use, TECHNOMELT® PA 668 maintains its color even when subjected to harsh external environments, longer molding dwell times and extended thermal and ultraviolet light exposure after encapsulation.

Bulk properties

Appearance White
Viscosity @ 210°C, mPa . s 3,500
Softening Point, °C 155
Density (20°C), g/cm3 0.98

Technical data

Shore A Hardness 90
Tensile at Break, N/mm2 6
Elongation at Break, % 600
Temperature Creep Resistance, °C 130
Cold Flexibility / Mandrel, °C -25
Flammability Rating UL 94V-0

Technomelt low pressure molding

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