Molykote® BG-555 – Low Noise Grease

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Molykote® BG-555 Low Noise Grease is used for lubrication in high speed bearings operating over wide temperature ranges or elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Excellent cold start and low temperature properties and corrosion inhibiting properties.

Appearing with beige, lithium thickened, polyol ester (POE) grease. Not intended for lubrication of plastic components.

Applications: Spindles, bearings requiring particle-free, low noise performance.

Color Beige
Dropping Point = 195 Deg C
NLGI Number 2 to 3
Service Temperature High = 149 Deg C
Service Temperature Low = -40 Deg C
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1
Thickening System Lithium
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