CRC® Brakleen® Pro Series Brake Parts Cleaner – Non-Chlorinated Low VOC

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Maintaining clean brake and disc parts can improve the life of your car’s braking system and keep you safe on the roads. Using a brake parts cleaner for cleaning and degreasing is a great way to maximize the performance and increase the longevity of your entire brake system. CRC Brākleen® offers a powerful low VOC spray cleaner that works like no other. The Brākleen® Pro-Series line is designed for superior performance where it’s needed most.


All brake parts: ABS, disc, drum, brake cylinders, brake drums, brake linings, brake shoes, calipers, clutch discs, disc brake pads, discs. Safe for use on all brake systems including Springs & Wedge brakes.

Most Powerful Low VOC Formula

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are limited in some states, meaning products that contain them must meet strict requirements to be sold. Our Brākleen® low VOC formula offers the best cleaning performance in a non-chlorinated formula for states requiring a limit of 45% VOC or less. Like all non-chlorinated brake cleaners, it is flammable and should be used with caution. Use in a ventilated area and don’t forget to wear your gloves and safety glasses.

PowerJet® Spray Nozzle

Brākleen® Pro-Series Brake Parts Cleaner Non-Chlorinated Low VOC uses the PowerJet® spray nozzle that sprays with force, blasting away contaminants from your brake system. This powerful spray is designed to dislodge oils, grease, dirt, and other contaminants with little effort. The high-quality cleaning solution and stronger spray force combine to deliver a brake cleaning experience that customers prefer.

Effective Brake Cleaning

Brake systems parts are among the auto parts that require the most frequent cleaning. Grease, brake dust, fluid, and oils accumulate over time and can cause premature wear and lower brake performance. Brākleen® cleans and dries fast to remove contaminants from your parts and leaves no residue. The powerful formula restores brake performance and eliminates squeaks and squeals. It uses a carbon dioxide propellant and will not corrode components. It is designed for the ABS, brake disc, brake drum and cylinders, linings, calipers, brake shoes, clutch discs, brake pads, and more.

Fewer Cans, Less Waste

Brākleen® Pro-Series Cleaner comes in a 20-ounce shop size can, containing 50% more product than the standard size. The large can combined with the efficiency from the powerful spray and high-performance formula means going through fewer cans and creating less waste, reducing your carbon footprint. Get rid of dirt, oils, grease, and other contaminants using CRC Brākleen® Brake Parts Cleaner Non-Chlorinated Low VOC formula. CRC is the #1 brand of brake cleaner worldwide, with years of experience providing safe, reliable products.

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