Advanced nanoGUARD ANG TITAN for PCBAs

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ANG TITAN is viscoelastic gel coating material – fluorine free. ANG TITAN can be applied in different thicknesses depending on the desired protection, 5-100 μm depending on required protection. The viscoelastic and electrical insulation properties of the nanoGUARD coatings enable full protection of PCBAs.

Produced with sustainable materials, Titan doesn’t contain any harmful fluorine compounds which are typically found in automotive coatings.

  • Titan provides maximum protection for automotive electronics when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, resists a variety of fluids including water, saltwater, soapy water, coke, gatorade, coffee, salt, windshield washer fluid, coolant, mixed flowing gas, sweat.
  • Can be easily removed to repair and replace components
  • ANG gel-state creates no inherent stress on components or solder joints
  • No glass transition down between -60 and +200º C

Advanced nanoGUARD coatings reach ready state within 30-60 seconds in ambient temperatures, requiring no ovens or curing process. Additionally, nanoGUARD’s unique gel-state eliminates the need for masking connectors, contacts and components with connect-through capability and enables undercoating of components, including BGAs for 100% surface protection.


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