SxV Soldering Tips – EA Series

SxV Soldering Tips – EA Series

We have taken the most popular soldering tip shapes in the industry and created the new “EA” series of SxV soldering tips. Each one is engineered for optimal thermal transfer and maximum tip life. Offering Easy Access, these new tips are also Economical and Affordable.

SxV series tips are for use with the soldering tip handpieces on both the PS and MFR soldering platforms.

Chisel Solder Tip 1.0mm (.04″), Chisel Solder Tip 1.5mm (.06″), Chisel Solder Tip 2.4mm (.094″), Chisel Solder Tip 5.0mm (.20″), Conical Bent Solder Tip 0.4mm (.0155″), Conical Solder Tip 0.4mm (.016″), Conical Long Solder Tip 1.0mm (.04″), Hoof Solder Tip 3.47mm (.137″), Drag Solder Tip Hoof, 4.75mm (.187″), Knife Solder Tip 5.0mm (.20″)

Special for most standard applications. Contact if Temperature Sensitive or Ceramic is required.


Products:Tips And Cartridges
Industrial applications:Repair and rework electrical circuit

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SxV Soldering Tips – EA Series