Xiameter® RBB-6680-80 Base

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Mô tả

Multi-purpose silicone rubber


  • Universal
  • 80 JIS A hardness class


  • colorable
  • Can be used in a wide temperature range


  • silicone rubbers


  • General Rubber Molding
  • Household appliances Rubber Parts
  • Keyboard
  • Office equipment such as rubber roller printers, fax machines

Typical Properties

*These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

Color Off-White
Density = 1.33 grams per cc
Durometer – Shore A = 84 Shore A
Elongation = 120 %
Shelf Life = 270 Days
Tear Strength = 102.81 ppi
Tensile Strength = 1276.35 psi
Resistance: Thermal Resistance
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