Gel Tản Nhiệt Dowsil TC – 3065

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Mô tả

A one-part, 6.5W/mk thermal conductivity silicone gel. It’s printable or dispensable to cure as a soft thermal gel to replace fabricated thermal pads for thermal transferring, stress relieving and shock damping. Room temperature curing, or accelerated curing at 60°C or higher temperature for shorter curing time.


  • Telecom devices or equipment, e.g. optical transceivers, ethernet switches, routers, etc.
  • Datacom equipment, e.g. high speed solid-state disks (SSD)


  • High thermal conductivity (6.5W/mk)
  • Excellent extrusion rate (60 g/min) to support easy auto-dispensing process
  • Resists humidity and other harsh environments without cracking and slumping
  • Ultra low volatile content
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