What is the Excellent Paint Gun for the Automotive & Transportation industry?

At present, there are lots of spray paint guns with many different labels in the market, making it confusing for users to figure a quality and suitable product to serve their purposes. Therefore, knowing what criteria to choose the right spray gun for your demands is of prioritized necessity.

Graco’s Electrostactic Air Spray Gun


Paint spray guns, powder paint guns, paint spray guns, oil paint guns… are the phrases that are often referred to in industrial paint spraying. In particular, electrostatic paint spray gun is the most outstanding product for such advantages as:

  • Save the painting quanity, hence save cost.
  • Create aesthetic surface with high durability.
  • The paint is much better than traditional paint solutions.

Powder coating is divided into two types: Powder coating and Electrostatic Air Spray Gun. While dry powder coating is applied to paint metal surfaces in such industries as home appliances, interior and exterior decoration, construction, Electrostatic air spray gun are designed specifically for these applications. It requires a flat and smooth surface, such as the automobile and motorbike industries, which saves up to 60% of the cost of painting compared to traditional paints.


Electrostatic Air Spray Gun is a solvent-based coating that is used to dilute the paint before painting. It is widely used in the automobile and motorcycle industries. It is the best solution in the automotive and motorcycle manufacturing and assembly sector because of the high requirements for finishing:

  • Able to paint on most types of surface materials such as metal, wood resin,…
  • Can be painted in any color
  • Able to paint paint is much higher than conventional spray guns, resulting in savings of up to 70% paint compared to conventional guns
  • High paint retention results in less paint loss to the environment, reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal and less environmental damage
  • Paiting time is shortened by 25% – 30%. Smooth surface with high precision with uniform thickness.
  • Help save production costs, reinvest quickly. Automobiles and motorbikes can be recovered within 6-8 months.


  • Portable static spray gun
  • Automatic paint spray gun
  • Electrostatic spray gun for robots
  • Graco’s Electrostatic spray gun
  • America’s Electrostatic spray gun
  • Electrostatic paint spray gun for cars
  • Electrostatic spray gun for motorcycles
  • Electrostatic paint spray gun
  • Wet electrostatic spray gun
  • Electrostatic paint spray gun with high conductivity
  • Electrostatic spray gun 40KV
  • Electrostatic spray gun 60KV
  • Electrostatic spray gun 850KV

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