What is Composite Plastic? Some products made from composite plastics

Currently, there exist many companies in the market that offer products made from composite resins such as composite boats, composite pipes & tanks, composite vessels. However, quite a few people have not yet a clear understanding about this product and often ask what is composite plastic? This article is the answer to your question.

Composite plastic
Composite plastic

Composite plastic is different from other plastic such as PE, PP, PVC…. , in which plastic composite is a combination of two phases: plastic phase and filler phase. The purpose of the filler in plastic composite is to increase the mechanical properties of the original plastic. Composite resins are also called FRP resins. FRP stands for: Fibeglass Reinfored Plastic. FRP means: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.

1. Core components

Mineral fiber group: fiberglass, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber; Heat-stabilized synthetic yarns: Kermel yarn, Nomex yarn, Kynol yarn, Apyeil yarn. Other fiber groups are less common: plant fibers (wood, cellulose): paper, jute, hemp, pineapple, coconut…; Mineral fiber: Asbestos fiber, Silicon fiber,…; Synthetic resins: Polyester yarns (tergal, dacron, térylène…), polyamide yarns…; Metal thread: steel, copper, aluminum,…

2. Composition

In general, each composite material consists of one or more phase breaks distributed in a single continuous phase. (The phase is a composite material in the structure of a composite material.)

The continuous phase is called the matrix, which usually interrupts the phase. Creative Engineering focuses on the Polymer Matrix line, including Themoset, Themoplastic and Rubber. In FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic, the resin will play a linking role, fiberglass acts as reinforcement material. Therefore, FRP resin has higher mechanical properties (compression, bending, tensile strength) than any non fiberglass resin (such as PVC, PP, PE, ABS). Because of its superior mechanical properties, FRP resin has been widely applied in all industries and civil use.

3. Some products from composite materials

  • Missile shell
  • Cases of missiles, aircraft, spacecraft
  • High pressure vessels
  • High-grade composite petrol piping
  • Clean water, raw water, composite water (or fiberglass)
  • Waste water pipe, composite chemical conduit
  • Irrigation water pipes, water supply pipes through salt water, alum
  • Chemical tanks, furniture, interior decoration, panell composite panels
  • High-rise buildings
  • Insulated porcelain system, polymer porcelain, silicone porcelain, porcelain epoxy porcelain, ceramic porcelain, porcelain in the electrical equipment, lightning protection, fuse
  • Tires, motorbikes, bicycles
  • Composite canoes, boats
  • Consumer Goods: Cargo Bin, Public Litter Box, Ceramic Pot, Ceramic Pot, Table, Chair,…
  • Toys models

At present,Creative Engineering focuses on distribution of Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC), with products from three main suppliers: FREKOTE (Henkel), HUNTSMAN and MONARCH.

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