VINSMART and its determination to produce smartphones for both upper and middle class in Vietnam

On July 5, 1818, BQ – Spain’s leading technology company and VinSmart Company signed a cooperation contract and formally announced the start of production of international standard smartphones. Vsmart has acquired intellectual property rights of the BQ to produce two types of smartphones to meet the needs of both the high-end and middle class in Vietnam. This is the beginning of a brand of Vietnamese phones with modern design and technology up to European standards. Vinsmart is also determined to acquire the preponderance of designing, researching, developing and producing products from BQ. In particular, Vinsmart will also accompany the team in researching and developing products to ensure the future of electronics in Vietnam can utilize and exploit the most advanced technology. Currently, BQ is cooperating with many prestigious technology partners around the world such as Qualcomm, Google … and Spanish universities for research, product development and production deployment.

Vinsmart and BQ co-operates on the next big project

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nguyen Mai Hoa, General Director of VinSmart, said: “VinSmart cooperated with leading European technology company BQ just 3 weeks after announcing the deployment of Vsmart smartphone for The determination of Vingroup Group in its efforts towards knowledge-based and scientific production contributes to the efficiency of the Vietnamese economy.

We are continuing to work with the world’s leading partners, seek out the best experts, and complete the line of equipment to produce phones.

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