The most outstanding applications of Tesa Tapes at Creative Engineering (P.2)

Did you know that Tesa is the leading tape brand worldwide? This brand’s name even exists in Duden, the official German dictionary!

Creative Engineering is the official distributor of Tesa in Vietnam. We recommend Tesa for our customers in a variety of industries:

  – Electronics & Home Appliance

  – Automotive & Transportation

  – Printing, Packaging & Graphics

  – General Industries (constructions)

In this article, we will list down typical Tesa Applications in Automotive, Printing & Packaging, and General Industries division.

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  1. Automotive & Transportation

Tesa application in Automotive & Transportation

Tesa application in Automotive & Transportation

  – Electronic application with adhesive tape, PU foam tape, acrylic foam tape, black thermal adhesive tape, …

  – Firmly attach the body panels together with tesa ACXPlus

  – Fixed cable in compartment, noise proof with PET felt tape

  – Sealing holes to help prevent corrosion, noise reduction with film tape, acrylic glue

  – Linking and covering the car interior

  – Install and fix mirrors with PET film tape on PE foam tape

  – Film tapes to protect the permanent paint in cars

  – Safety label, theft prevention with label tape, laser sensitivity

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2. Paper and printing

  – Non-woven tapes for paper industry

  – Flexographic printing tapes, with a porous substrate, film and fabric that meets all flexo printing needs.  

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 3. General industry (construction)

  – Elevator

  + Attach reinforcement braces and reinforcement bars with tesa ACXPlus – acrylic foam adhesive

  + Install and fix mirror with PE adhesive tape

  + Install the decorative panels in the elevator with tesa double-sided film tape

  + Tape tape solutions are used to fix different flooring materials such as floor mats and PVC and flooring  

  – Main doors and windows

  + Attach the door panels

  + Attach quick and flexible glass components with tesa ACXPlus

  + Attach decorative parts, frames and small parts with film tape


Tesa Applications in Doors & Windows

  – Furniture

  + Attach decorative elements, border frames

  + Attach glass components

 It can be seen that with the superior technology of Tesa tape, the use of screws, drills, chisels, … has become the past. Tesa as well as Creative Engineering are constantly changing to update the latest technologies, optimize the process and improve the products of industrial partners.

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