The most outstanding application of Tesa Tapes at Creative Engineering (Part 1)

Did you know that Tesa is the leading tape brand worldwide? This brand’s name even exists in Duden, the official German dictionary!

Creative Engineering is the official distributor of Tesa in Vietnam. We recommend Tesa for our customers in a variety of industries:

  – Electronics & Home Appliance

  – Automotive & Transportation

  – Printing, Packaging & Graphics

  – General Industries (constructions)

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Tesa’s Tapes

In this article, we will list down typical Tesa Applications in Electronics & Home Appliance division.

1. Tape solution in an electronic device:


  – Easy bonding and separation, no glue stains with Bond & Detach solution


  – Cover, fix, prevent light, protect components


  – Mounting of wide-format films and embossing materials such as graphite sheets

  – Paste transparently


  – Mount the touch screen

  – Sealing and cushioning, which helps prevent moisture, dirt and other electronic components, providing a cushion for the screen.

  – Conductive tapes for shielding and circuit-switched applications


 – Increased device stability with Tesa HAF

2. Tesa’s Applications for home appliance, using Tesa’s double-sided tapes

  + Ovens and stoves:


  – Attach the logo without puncturing the metal / plastics substrate


  – Linking the inner part of the door


  – Bond the panel to the outside of the metal cover

  – Mount the control screen

  – Fix film or cardboard for stove for safe transportation

  + Refrigerator & Freezer


  – Mounting of indoor unit, evaporator, vacuum insulation panel


  – Attach the icon


  – Fix small parts, guarantee safety in transportation


  – Surface protection

  – Ventilation tapes, seals, holes

 + Washing Machine & Dishwasher:

  – Mounting the glass door, attaching the screen


  – Attach control panel and decorative details

  – Fixed small parts

As proved, with the superior technology of Tesa tape, the use of screws, drills, chisels, … has become the past.

Tesa as well as Creative Engineering are constantly changing to update the latest technologies, optimize the process and improve the products of industrial partners.

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