tesa’s Automotive Adhesive Tapes – Solving all problems of your Car!

Focusing on automotive trends like car individualization, e-mobility or low-VOC products. tesa offers you a variety of automotive adhesive tapes. tesa’s tapes are used for many applications – Wire harnessing, surface protection, and attachment part mounting are only some of them. Discover the potential in tesa’s variety of automotive adhesive tape solutions.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly-used application of tesa’s automotive adhesive tape!


Car customization is one of the megatrends in today’s automotive industry. tesa offers a wide range of sophisticated solutions for car body and bumper masking applications that meet the demanding requirements of the paint process. This includes ensuring a reliable adhesion; avoiding overspray on e-, solvent-, and water-based coatings even at high temperatures in the oven; and guaranteeing simple and residue-free tape removal to prevent extra work.

băng keo Masking tesa - Creative Engineering

Areas of Application

   –  Two-tone fineline masking

   –  Bumper masking

   –  Flange masking

   –  Repair masking

   –  High-temperature car body masking

   –  Temporary sealing

Wire Harnessing

tesa offers an extensive range of automotive wire harness tape solutions made of woven, non-woven, and film backings combined with high-quality adhesives. They fulfill the international OEM specifications for productive materials.

The innovative tesa Sleeve® solutions offer excellent flexibility for wires so that harnesses can be applied to the car body quickly and flexibly. The solutions also provide weight savings and reduce harness diameters, and are available with customized perforation for most product versions.

băng keo tesa Wire Harnessing - Creative Engineering

Areas of Application

   –  Car interior: Protection against noises and environmental conditions

   –  Engine compartment: Protection against abrasion as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions

Hole Covering

In the automotive industry, efficiency is what counts. Cutting down car weight is not simply a mandatory task, but rather an attitude and a mode of thinking. tesa’s hole covering products offer weight reduction of up to 85% per vehicle in comparison to typical rubber and plastic hole plugs. 

Their hole covering product assortment offers perfect sealing solutions for corrosion prevention throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Other characteristics include excellent acoustic-damping performance, which is comparable with a closed metal car body, and air-tight closing to seal off holes from water and dust.


băng keo tesa Hole covering - Creative Engineering

Areas of Application

   –  Wheelhouse

   –  Rocker panel

   –  Floor area

   –  Inner door

   –  Front and rear end

   –  Pillars

   –  Dash area

   –  Engine compartment

Attachment Part Mounting

During the lifetime of a vehicle, static and dynamic stresses act upon the constructive bond between the car body and the attachment part. tesa® ACXplus automotive attachment tape creates a powerful bond even between automotive materials with different surface characteristics, such as plastic parts and clear coats.These automotive tapes securely mount attachment parts to the car body and at the same time provide reliable sealing and vibration damping. 

Băng keo tesa ô tô part mounting - Creative Engineering


Areas of Application

   –  Aeroflap

   –  Body side molding

   –  Brake light spoiler

   –  Door edge molding

   –  Doorsill trim

   –  Emblem

   –  Fender flare

   –  Headlight washer

   –  Park distance sensor

   –  Pillar appliqué 

   –  Rocker panel

   –  Roof ditch trim

   –  Roof rail

   –  Shark fin antenna

   –  Trunk molding

   –  Window frame


Security Label

With laser labels tesa combines a high-performance adhesive with a data carrier that is destroyed upon tampering. These tamper proof car labels comply with the legal (NHTSA, EEC, GB) and manufacturer-specific regulations of the automotive industry.

tesa’s laser labels are also available with customer-specific visible and hidden security features integrated into the labels to maximize security against tampering. In addition to the standard security labels used on metal and plastics, we offer the unique glass-marking laser-transfer film for windowpane marking.


tesa băng keo ô tô - Creative Engineering


Areas of Application

   –  Fuel filler cap

   –  Door pillars

   –  Dashboard

   –  Engine

   –  Fender

   –  Front end


Creative Engineering is tesa’s representative in Vietnam and Asia. We supply tesa tapes in all fields, including Automotive Tapes! Contact us for further request!


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