For a long time, tesa has been known as a worldwide famous tape brand. Tesa’s superior products are applied in a variety of industries, including consumer, electronics, automotive, advertising, printing, …

Creative Engineering is proud to accompany tesa for the past 20 years in the field of printing tape. Today, Creative Engineering is delighted to present a breakthrough product – a two-in-one solution – tesa Twinlock Self-Adhesive Laminated Tube in the flexographic industry

tesa – a provider of two solutions for a single application in the printing industry

Outstanding from the familiar printed adhesive tapes, tesa Twinlock®‘s unique idea is to provide sustainable and reusable sheeting solutions for consistently high and cost-effective print jobs. 


   –  Base or cylinder cage from customer’s preferred supply unit.

   –  Polyurethane foam (PU) layer on top of the base tube. PU foam is coated with a special polymer layer that has a fixed adhesive retention feature. When handled with proper cleaning and handling procedures, the number of times tesa Twinlock® can be used is infinite.

   –  Three levels of hardness: soft, medium and hard foam to suit customers’ different requirements

   –  Four times the thickness of regular printed adhesive tape.

tesa Twinlock flexographic - Creative Engineering

Benefit of Twinlock

Print quality

   –  tesa Twinlock delivers consistent print quality, due to its open grainy porous texture

   –  Strict diameter tolerances for accurate print quality

   –  Laser telescopic measurement technology, meet the smallest requirements of customers.

High speed printing

   –  Print quality is stable and durable without adjustments

   –  Great alignment

Increased efficiency in the process

   –  The reusability of the self-adhesive telescopic tube enables endless operability. Only need to repaint when physically damaged with basic crust => Fast return on investment

   –  Lower operating costs

   –  Reduce carbon footprint

   –  Estimating input production costs more accurately

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