tesa Tapes for Food Industry – Outer Packaging

All the efforts you spend on designing and producing the best product possible should be rounded off with an efficient and reliable shipping case. Did you know that tesa offers solutions for outer packaging applications that allow for both efficiency and reliability, while offering state-of-the-art product features?

As tesa’s official distributor, Creative Engineering provides various solutions for different shipping and storage environments. From solutions for the transport of shelf-ready packages over standard cardboard box sealing up to knifeless box opening – you will find the right packaging tape in our assortment.

Carton Sealing


   –  Manual and automatic sealing of light and medium-weight cartons

   –  Easy to unwind and suitable for use with hand dispensers or packaging machines

   –  A full and complete solution including the tape and a tesa®6400 dispenser

Products: tesa® 4120 hand, tesa® 4190, tesa® 4280 PVO, tesa® 4313 PVO, tesa® 6005, tesa® 6075, tesa® 6300, tesa® 6400, tesa® 56402

Frozen Food Boxes


   –  Excellent performance on all kind of cardboards

   –  Safe closure of medium and heavy-weight cartons

   –  Smooth and easy unwinding

   –  Ideal for use in hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipment

Products: tesa® 4089, tesa® 4100, tesa® 4120 hand, tesa® 4122, tesa® 4124

Knifeless Box Opening


   –  Easy opening without any tools

   –  Avoids cutting into your valuable goods

   –  No contamination

   –  Tamper-evident sealing



 –  Securing of pallets with printed or labelled carton boxes

   –  Does not damage the surface after its removal

   –  Barcode readable due to translucency

Products: tesa® 51128

Creative Engineering has been the official distributor of tesa’s for the last 20 years in Vietnam and Asia. Contact us now for solution for your Food Packaging!

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