tesa Tapes for Flexo Printing – Key X-Soft and Hard products

tesa offers a comprehensive assortment of plate mounting tapes with foam, film, or cloth backings to fulfill all flexo printing needs. tesa Softprint® plate mounting tapes with high-quality foam backings for the highest demands in flexographic printing.

Increasing demands on print quality combined with high levels of process efficiency call for specifically tailored plate mounting tapes.

tesa Softprint® assortment provides distinctive product lines for flexo printers to fulfill any requirement.

Depending on your process requirements, Creative Engineering will help you find a suitable product line from our tesa Softprint® plate mounting assortment.


Features of tesa tapes for Flexo printing:

Foam properties

   –  Highly compressible foam, with superior recovery behavior for excellent print quality

   –  Long lasting recovery characteristic for extended and high speed print runs

   –  Low thickness tolerances for quick print preparation and reduced waste


Adhesive properties

   –  High bonding on open side to steel cylinder or sleeve to avoid plate movement

   –  High bonding to plate to avoid edge lifting or plate movement

   –  Non increasing bonding power for easy repositioning and especially for easy demounting of plate and tape

   –  Very cohesive adhesive structure for demounting without adhesive residues


Creative Engineering has been the official distributor of tesa’s in Vietnam and Asia for 20 years. In this article, we will introduce the most popular tesa tapes for flexo printing



tesa X-Soft 52018

tesa X-Soft 52118 

tesa X-Soft 52818


tesa 52014

tesa 52114

tesa 52814 


Contact Creative Engineering now to figure the most suitable tapes for your business!

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