TESA TAPES exist in our everyday applications!

As we have acknowledged, tesa offers solutions for a wide variety of applications around us, including Automotive, Home Appliance, Furniture, Advertising, Printing and Packaging,… Let’s have a look at tesa tapes‘ versatility in diverse applications in a 4-minute talk with our Salesman, Hoang Kenny from Creative Engineering!

1. Furniture for Home/Offices

   –  Bonding of Plastic, Paper to Wall: tesa tape 62932 PE FOAM 

   –  Glass to glass: tesa ACXPlus 7055 

   +  High transparency

   +  Suitable for Interior designs that require high aestheticism, such as glass to glass, mica to mica

   –  Anti-slp Tape tesa 60960: Highly used in factories and restaurants

   –  Bonding of Metal, Wood to Wall: tesa 4952

   +  Suitable to bond Metal, Wood to Wall

   +  Good resistance to extreme outdoor conditions

   +  UV and Water resistance

2. Automotive Industry

   –  Wire Harnessing

   –  Hole covering 

   +  Reduce noise

   +  Protect cars from insects and dirts

   +  Protect Underbody from extreme weather and road conditions

   –  Security Labelling

tesa offers a comprehensive assortment of laser labels to fulfill all requirements of theft prevention, combining the knowledge of laser marking technologies with expertise in self-adhesive films.

   –  Masking 

   –  Attachment Part mounting, such as:

   +  Mounting of pillar applique

   +  Mounting of body side molding

   +  Mounting of aeroflap

   +  Mounting of door edge molding

   +  Mounting of flender flare

   +  Mounting of doorsill trim

   +  Mounting of emblem

Creative Engineering is the representative of tesa in Vietnam and Asia. Contact us for further details on applying the most optimised adhesive tape solutions to your business!

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