tesa Tape Adhesive Flooring Solutions – No more odor or curing time!

Fixing carpet, PVC, or other materials to the floor can be done quickly with a double-sided adhesive tape. No more odor or curing time.

tesa offers a complete assortment of double-sided tapes to fix different flooring materials, such as carpet and PVC, to the ground. For locations where a durable and permanent bond is needed like office buildings or elevators, tesa tapes can replace glue without a problem. You can easily dispense with drying time and odor – which is especially convenient during production processes where efficiency is a key factor.


tesa’s removable range comes in handy when the flooring material will not stay for long – this range can be used on rough and sensitive floors as well.


Permanent Range

   –  The alternative to liquid glue, especially during renovations, as there is no drying time and no odor

   –  Quality proven over decades

   –  Outstanding bonding performance comparable to liquid glue

   –  Excellent combination of high initial tack and adhesion level

   –  Secure bond provided by very thin double-sided tapes, even for critical surfaces

 Key products: tesa 4934 , tesa 51977tesa 64620 

Removable Range

   –  For fairs and exhibitions and all other kinds of events as well as for areas where a change of the flooring material is often required

   –  Even for rough and sensitive surfaces

Key products: tesa 4939tesa 4964 , tesa 51960

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