tesa Special Adhesive Tapes For Electric Vehicles

A technology is moving into the fast lane: In 2030, for the first time, more cars with electric drives than with combustion engines will be sold worldwide. Manufacturers and suppliers are working relentlessly on ever more powerful batteries – and their safe assembly. Adhesive tapes have great potential in this field: tesa specializes in the development of multifunctional tapes and, as a partner to the automotive industry, makes an important contribution to the transformation towards e-mobility.

tesa support the transformation of the automotive industry toward the electrification of vehicles’ drivetrains. tesa adhesive tapes are specially made to fulfill demanding automotive requirements. Creative Engineering, as the strategic distributor of tesa in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, bears a duty of leveraging electric car manufacturers using tesa’s technology.

Discover the functionality of tesa tapes in:

Electrical Encapsulant

Battery cell wrapping: Wrapping of prismatic battery cells to protect the cells against dielectric breakdown and for general electrical insulation. Streamline your process and save costs by using our proven solutions to protect your cells.

Metal part insulation: Covering of metal parts such as module cooling plates, module frame parts and bus bars to protect against dielectric breakdown and for general electrical insulation. Our solutions enable you to create a battery that is safe from dielectric breakdown while saving processing time and costs.

Cooling plate insulation: Covering of the cooling plate to protect against dielectric breakdown and for general electrical insulation in AC/DC converters and inverters. Create a reliable and efficient device by adding our solutions for electrical insulation.

Mounting in electric vehicle battery applications

FPC mounting: Mounting of flexible printed circuit plates (FPC) as a connector between battery cells and the battery management system (BMS). Save space, costs and processing time during assembly compared to traditional wire connections.

PI heating plate mounting: Mounting of ceramic-printed polyimide (PI) films for use as heating plates. Such plates are part of the thermal management concept. Save space by using this thin filmic material to heat your battery while reducing processing time through a simple lamination process.

Cell to cell mounting: Mounting of battery cells to form the battery cell stack. In conventional designs, the tape could just be a processing aid – in cell-to-pack designs, the tape may serve as a structural part of the construction. Our adhesive solutions do not require any curing and save time and costs in your assembly process.

Barrier material mounting: Mounting of barrier materials such as mica or polycarbonate (PC) in between battery cells. Mica/PC are typical materials used to protect the cells against dielectric breakdown. Outsource part of the process to your suppliers by sourcing a barrier material laminated with adhesive – save processing time and costs by streamlining the assembly of your parts.

Frame mounting: Mounting of module frames and other parts to the cell stack. Found both in module designs and cell-to-pack designs. Our adhesive solutions do not require any curing – save time and cost in your assembly process.

Thermal management

Cooling plate fixation: Our solutions provide a thermal interface between the cooling plate and the battery module. Create an effective thermal interface and ensure a reliable assembly process with our tacky thermally conductive tapes.

Heat sink mounting in electronic devices and power electronic devices: Our adhesive thermal management solutions provide adhesion between your parts while also forming a thermal interface. Save space, processing time, and costs by reducing the need for mechanical fixing devices.

Fire protection

Protection against thermal propagation: Prevent or slow down cascading of the thermal runaway to neighboring cells by placing our highly temperature-resistant thermal insulation materials in between the cells.

Solutions for fire protection of the battery lid: Add a layer of flame-resistant thermal insulation material to the lid or the car body to keep fire inside the battery pack and outside of the passenger cabin.

Let’s work together on how to design your component with tesa adhesive tape solutions and Creative Engineering’s local techinical support, to integrate them into your process for a smooth production.

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