TESA Double-sided Tapes – Perfect bonding solutions

If you want a tape to hang a mirror on the wall, or a tape to fix a temporary rug to the floor, a tough adhesive tape to bond hard surfaces like aluminum, plastic, mica, The new TESA double sided tapes are the best choice for secure, regardless of harsh outdoor conditions.

TESA Double-sided Tapes
TESA Double-sided Tapes


The structures of the double-sided adhesive tape are: 1) The silicone coating, 2) The glue layer (closed), 3) Primer, 4) Substrate (porous tapes for rough surfaces, thin film tape for transparent bonding requirements) 5) Primer, 6) Glue (open face)


Double-sided tape offers many advantages over other technologies such as welding, screws, nails, and liquid adhesives. These traditional technologies are disadvantages in terms of aestheticism, and can not create a bearing link at any single point. In addition, these technologies can not combine certain materials, such as glass with plastic.

In contrast, double-sided tape is an aesthetic method, keeping the surface smooth, clean, while reducing the risk of corrosive materials. Double sided tape is perfect for stretching. The forces acting on the junctions are evenly distributed over the entire length of the surfaces joined by the tape. TESA super-stick acrylate adhesive can be stretched by the expansion and contraction of the material due to temperaure extreme changes.

Depending on the specific features of each type of tape, they can disperse the impact force due to great elastic permeability, anti-oxidation and UV radiation resistance, extreme heat, humidity , aging and chemicals.

TESA double-sided tape is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, paper, stainless steel, polycarbonate and many other surfaces. Compared with liquid glue, this tape does not require any drying time and cleaning after gluing, nor does the condition of the chemical release gas.


– Fixed and mounted parts in the cars

– Fixed components in electronics and electrical appliances such as headsets, loudspeakers, cameras, monitors, ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners.

– Structural and construction components such as pipe and pipe seals, glass bulkheads, black foam foils for elevators, furniture, windows and doors, etc.

– Optimized processes for the paper and printing industry. In the newsprint and paper industry, Softprint double-sided tape reduces the set-up time to change the coil and increase the stability of the coil winding process. In label printing and packaging, double-sided tapes and double-sided films increase print quality and ensure efficient printing. This special adhesive tape holds the prints firmly on the print axis and also allows for repositioning the print.

Creative Engineering supplies all genuine TESA products – the world’s leading adhesive manufacturer. Tesa’s application in the heavy industry provides a specific and optimized solution that improves efficiency, speeds processing, reduces waste and, in many cases, saves money.

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