tesa 65610  – The Game changer for Supermarket

The bloom of supermarkets in Vietnam and Asia has called for more efficient, effective and economical ways to minimize manual labour while maximizing the potentials to attract attention of customers. This is why tesa 65610, the residue-free removable and high bonding tape came into the market and immediately made itself “super” compared to conventional foam tapes.

tesa tape is the Game Changer for labels/price tags in supermarket

tesa tape is the Game Changer for labels/price tags in supermarket

Product description

tesa® 65610 Removable is a double-sided PE foam tape equipped with a PET reinforcement film. It consists of a tackified acrylic adhesive with a well-balanced performance on a wide variety of surfaces.

Our double-sided PE foam tapes are primarily characterized by its ability to compensate irregular surfaces, enabling high bonding power even on rough surfaces and an excellent shock absorption.

The main disadvantage of conventional foam tapes becomes apparent when they have to be removed: Visible foam residue remains on the substrate, which is time-consuming and costly to remove.

The newly developed tesa® 65610 Removable brings an end to foam residue thanks to its unique product design: The PET reinforcement film enables undesirable foam residues to be removed quickly, easily and completely. The noticeable results for our customers are significant time and cost savings.

tesa® 65610 features:

  • PET reinforcement film to allow quick, easy and complete removability of foam residue

  • Versatile adhesive for high initial and ultimate bonding power even on critical substrates

Main applications

tesa® 65610 is especially suitable for customers that want to remove bonded parts from non-delaminating surfaces without leaving behind unsightly foam residue. Example mounting applications include but are not limited to:

   –  Price label strips (shelf edge strips, shelf label holder, etc.)

   –  POS displays

   –  Exhibition sample displays

   –  Temporary signage

   –  Decorative elements for furniture

tesa 65610 applications and benefits

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