Teroson High Damping Foam – No noise, no vibration for your Car!

Imagine planning a summer day at the beach. With a heavy beach bag in tow, you arrive at the water’s edge only to discover that noise from speedboats are poking holes through your vision of a relaxing and quiet day.

What’s wrong with this scenario? Let’s remove the weight of the bag and the irritating sounds to restore serenity to its rightful place.

Henkel’s automotive team is currently tackling these issues with its TEROSON High DAMPING FOAM to enhance user experience and to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Designed for body applications such as doors and roof panels, this 2-in-1 product eliminates the need for anti-flutter mastics, while providing vehicle lightweighting.

Teroson High Damping Foam - Creative Engineering

Features of Teroson 

   –  Novel treatment for structure-borne vibration in body architecture       –  Complexity-reducing acoustic treatment for radiating structures such as door panels and roofs
   –  Compatible with today’s assembly process
   –  FEA predictive performance validated through testing and analysis

Benefits of Teroson High Damping Foam

   –  NVH treatment options for noise source or path
   –  Overall improved acoustic comfort
   –  Enables use of lightweighting materials
   –  The right design and the right material for the right application

As a 20-year representative of Henkel – Teroson, Creative Engineering Automotive is dedicated to assist manufacturers deliver the best NVH treatment to benefit consumers in the long term. Contact us for further details!

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