Removable Tape Solutions for Residue-free Bonding for Advertisers!

Double-sided Removable tape is the ideal solution for temporary, residue-free bonding without causing damage to surfaces. It is suitable for signage, directions or markings, trade show booths and displays as well as point-of-sale design.

băng keo tesa Bond & Detach - Creative Engineering

Outstanding features of Double-sided Removable Tape:

   –  Strong adhesion, high reliability, and a long-lasting hold

   –  Great look, simple application

   –  Bundles together proven and innovative products which can be readily removed residue-free

   –  Save considerable amount of time, effort and money on unstick tapes from glass, wall,… 

băng keo tesa Bond & Detach - Creative Engineering

4 Types of Double-sided Removable Tape: 

   –  tesa® 656xx Removable Series foam tapes can be removed residue-free thanks to their unique new design.

   +  The special PET reinforcing film makes foam residue a thing of the past. 

   +  tesa® 65605 Removable (Multi-Use) can be reused multiple times.

   –  The tesa Bond & Detach® product family is based on a patented technology. 

   +  The products feature extremely high immediate and final adhesion combined with easy, residue-free removal.

     Removable adhesive tapes with a film backing are ideal for the residue-free bonding of smooth surfaces. 

   +  Different adhesives and adhesive layers on both sides ensure ideal performance.

     Removable fabric tapes have a tear-resistant flexible backing. 

   +  tesa® 4964 features a thick adhesive layer, making it ideal for bonding slightly rough surfaces.

   +  tesa® 51960 has different adhesive layer thicknesses. 

   +  Both products can be removed without leaving any residue.

băng keo tesa Bond & Detach - Creative Engineering

With this easily removable and residue-free features, these tesa products are highly recommended by Creative Engineering for Advertisers whose jobs require constant change in Advertising contents. Contact us for further product information and price!


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