Xiameter® RBB-6660-60 Base

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General purpose silicone rubber designed for use in a variety of molded goods

XIAMETER® RBB-6660-60 Base is a 60 durometer general purpose silicone rubber compound especially designed to provide good results when making molded parts. It can be blended with other XIAMETER® brand silicone rubbers to obtain intermediate hardness. It is off-white semi translucent and therefore can be easily pigmented to obtain most any color shade desired.

XIAMETERRBB-6660-60 Baseis primarily used for molded parts such as keypad, gasket, and other miscellaneous goods

Typical Properties

*These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

Color Off-White
Density (g/cm3) = 1.23 g/cm3
Elongation JIS#3 = 310 %
JIS Type-A = 61
Tear Strength Die-Angle = 19 N/mm
Tensile Strength JIS#3 = 7.5 MPa


  • General rubber molding
  • Rubber parts for home electric appliances
  • Keypads
  • Office automation (OA) rollers
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