XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane

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Diaminofunctional silane

XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane possesses both organic and inorganic reactivity. XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane can react with organic polymers and glass or other inorganic mineral surfaces.


  • Coupling agent
  • Improved adhesion
  • Increased wet and dry tensile strength and modulus to the composite
  • Increased wet and dry flexural strength and modulus to the composite
  • Increased wet and dry compressive strength
  • Improved compatibility between inorganic filler and organic polymer


  • XIAMETER® OFS-6020 Silane has been found to be an effective coupling agent for clay reinforced elastomers such as natural and nitrile rubber. The silane-treated clay provides improvement in both physical and dynamic properties compared to similar cured elastomers containing untreated clay.
  • XIAMETER OFS-6020 Silane has been reported to be an effective coupling agent for mineral reinforced nylon 6, nylon 6/6 and polybutyleneterephthalate
  • Fiberglass reinforced phenolic, melamine and epoxy thermoset composites, either as fiberglass finish or as resinous additive.
  • As an additive to improve the performance of these types of thermoset resins when they are used as mineral binders in foundry and abrasive composite applications.
  • Coupling agent for phenolic, melamine and other organic resins used as binders for glass and mineral wood insulation, abrasives and molding components.
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