Tesaflex 4169 PV8- Floor marking tape

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Tesaflex® 4169 PV8 floor marking tape offers outstanding performance on many high-demanding floor marking applications.

Tesaflex® 4169 PV8 is a tough plasticized vinyl tape, coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive.

Equipped with a very strong and tough vinyl backing, Tesaflex® 4169 PV8 features a high resistance to weak chemicals and high abrasions.

The high flexibility of Tesaflex® 4169 PV8 allows application in curves without wrinkling.

Its silicon-release coated vinyl backing features a low unwinding force which offers high suitability for use with dispensers.

Technical Data

Backing material soft PVC
Total thickness 203 µm
Type of adhesive natural rubber
Adhesion to steel 1.6 N/cm
Elongation at break 260 %
Tensile strength 45 N/cm
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