Tesaflex 4169 PV3 Floor Marking Tape

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tesaflex® 4169 PV3 is a line marking tape with a PVC backing and water-based acrylic adhesive. It is perfect for permanent marking applications.

Main Applications

  • Marking working areas e. g. in factories and warehouses.
  • Guiding lines for mark-sensitive vehicles e. g. transport robots.
  • Marking of parking spaces and gangways at offices, hospitals, fairs, etc.
Technical Data
Backing material soft PVC
Total thickness 7.09 mils
Type of adhesive acrylic
Adhesion to steel 9.39 oz/in
Elongation at break 200 %
Tensile strength 17.13 lbs/in

tesaflex-4169-PV8 tesaflex-4169-PV3

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