tesa X-Soft 52818 for Narrow Web Plate

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tesa Softprint® 52818 Secure X-Soft – Print extra fine – extra quick, now extra secure

With the launch of tesa Softprint® 52818 Secure X-Soft, SNAP-ON adhesive features are also available in combination with a super soft foam.

Learn more about the extra soft foam benefits for the printing industry in the following:

Make ready
Be fast and save waste! X-Soft plate mounting tape foam comes with a wide impression window, which makes it an ideal partner for printing plates with high screen counts and fine line work. Optimal pressure settings can be set quickly due to super soft foam tolerance of pressure changes, resulting in minimum dot gain over a big range of impression.

Free yourself
Speed up the press! tesa Softprint® X-Soft double-sided foam tape protects the plate from distortion factors to give the perfect print result. The absorption is so effective that even bouncing stripes resulting from press vibrations at high speeds are not an issue. Due to its optimized elasticity there is no need to readjust impression settings with changes in speed.

Be consistent
Excellent results from the first to the last copy! The high quality closed cell foam structure ensures consistent results over long print runs. tesa Softprint® X-Soft foam delivers the finest dots and smooth vignettes, with the latest screening technologies even down to zero, copy for copy.

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