tesa HAF® 8410 _NULL – embedding of chip-modules into smart cards

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60μm amber reactive HAF mounting tape

tesa HAF® 8410 is a reactive heat activated film based on phenolic resin and nitrile rubber. This amber double sided tape has no backing. It is protected by a strong paper liner and can easily be slit and die cut.

  • At room temperature tesa HAF® 8410 is not tacky.
  • It is activated by heat and pressure applied over a certain period of time.
  • Reliable chip module bonding
  • Suitable for PVC, ABS, PET, and PC cards
  • Good workability on all common implanting lines
  • Outstanding ageing resistance
  • Lifelong flexibility due to high rubber content

Application Fields

tesa HAF® 8410 is especially designed for the embedding of chip-modules into smart cards. It is also suitable for bonding of all thermal resistant materials such as metal, glass, plastic, wood and textiles e.g. friction liners for clutches).

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