tesa® ACXplus 7255 Multi Purpose (MP)

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tesa® ACXplus 7255 MP is a transparent double-sided acrylic core tape. The visco-elastic acrylic core of tesa® ACXplus 7255 MP absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads.

Product Features

  • unique formulation
  • this double-sided acrylic core tape is able to compensate for thermal elongations of bonded parts.
  • PFAS/PFOS free product

Application Fields

  • The tesa® ACXplus MP product family is suitable for a wide range of multi-purpose bonding applications
  • To ensure the highest performance possible, our aim is to fully understand the application (including the substrates involved) in order to provide the right product recommendation.
  • The tesa® ACXplus 725x series is especially suitable for bonding transparent and translucent materials such as glass or acrylic to receive an optical clear bonding.


Backing material solid acrylic
Type of adhesive pure acrylic
Total thickness 1000 µm
Color transparent
Temperature resistance long term 100 °C
Temperature resistance short term 200 °C
Adhesion to Aluminium (after 3 days) 24 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (after 3 days) 24 N/cm


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